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Walkers Grumps of Rhody Bullies

We are very excited to add this young male bulldog to our program. He is out of the one and only Amadeus and carries the Fas x Killian blood that we love to work with. His mother is a beautiful female that is out of Rhody Bullies Armed and Dangerous who is the brother to Ringo and Gilly and son to our Hollywood. He is a beautiful male and has the best disposition. He has a beautiful bully head and great muscle. He is still young and has a ton of filling out to do. We can’t wait to see him in another year. We have a couple of great breedings planned for him and we are looking forward to seeing what he produces for us.

Grumps is knocking it out of the park as a stud dog. He is producing beautiful pups and several Champion daughters. I could not be happier!!!!

Grumps would like to send out a huge congrats to his daughter Luna on becoming an NKC JR Champion…cant wait to see what the future holds for this girl!